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Stress Management Coach - Polychromatic Light Technologies (PLT)

NTCB certifies those applicants using Polychromatic Light Technologies  Therapy who have completed the following training from an approved instructor or organization:

Stress Management Coach - Light Energy - 225 CEU

  • 10 CEU Professional Practices

  • 20 CEU Professional Ethics

  • 30 CEU Informed Consent

  • 15 CEU Basic Course

  • 30 CEU Practicum

  • 15 CEU Advanced Course

  • 45 CEU Coaching Course

  • 30 CEU A & P

  • 30 CEU 300 hour Internship

Stress Management Coach PLT Instructor – 270 CEUs

  • Become certified as a Stress Management PLT Coach 225 CEUs

  • Complete Instructor Apprenticeship  45 CEUs

    • 5 CEU  Review, write an abstract and submit two research articles on polychromatic light technologies and therapeutics that may be added to training materials

  • 15 CEU Develop 5 power point slides on TWO emerging area of interest that can be added to the re-certification CEUs or the future development of stress management specialty certification tracks.  These could be on topics such as wound healing, pain reduction, improved circulation, neuropathy, head trauma, peak performance, and traumatic brain injury                                                           

  • 10 CEU Submit and present a paper on polychromatic technologies and therapeutics that can be part of a round table discussion for educators at the annual conference OPTIONS (select one)             

  • 15 CEU Select a topic and co-facilitate  five 2 hour sessions on Talk About Light with emphasis on therapeutic applications  OR

  • 15 CEU  Co-facilitate a 5 week coaching course in preparation for independent group  coaching  OR

  • 15 CEU Shadow mentorship in preparation for Teaching Basic and Advanced Course content

  • Annual review for continuation as Instructors




  1. To apply for training, please visit: www.smcplt.com

  2.  You may visit the website or contact Instructor Lana J. Ford, PhD. directly,  info@smcplt.com

  3. To apply for certification, please go here and follow the instructions.